ISACA UW to raise awareness about information security and risk management


Such is the growth that the digital world has experienced during the last few years that diverse global

institutions have even declared connectivity as a basic right. Access to the web and its services allows

individuals to become part of the so-called knowledge society, providing them with equal opportunities

to enter the labor market, receive quality education and broadly share their ideas.

In a world where information technologies have become basic to fulfill many of our daily tasks, there is

no doubt that these new tools are great mechanisms for fostering economic growth, promoting better

equality and expanding our horizons. Nevertheless, all of these benefits are currently at risk. At the same

time that the web and its adoption in our daily lives continues to grow, there are increasing threats that

continue to turn the digital world into an unsafe location where it is necessary to keep a high guard.

At this point, the field of information security is gaining each time more importance as a counter measure

to prevent our data from being stolen, modified, deleted or misused. The ideal of an internet that truly

promotes free speech, exchange of ideas and more opportunities for everyone will never be real unless

stronger efforts are placed into securing our networks.

This is precisely the context in which the ISACA UW student chapter was born. Coming from the University

of Washington Information School - one of the pioneer institutions that has for many years promoted the

study of the relationship between information, technology and people – the members of the team are

mostly concerned with raising awareness about the importance of Information Security and Risk


According to Andy Herman, Founder and President of UW ISACA student group “the idea to start an ISACA

student group at the University of Washington came to me because I saw a need at our school to create

opportunities for students to see what information security professionals do in an everyday basis”

The new student organization will provide opportunities for students to learn more about information

security, get involved with professionals and gain hands-on experience. By this means, ISACA UW expects

to increase students’ engagement in the field, thus attracting diverse workforce with different

backgrounds to collaborate for solving some of the most complex contemporary challenges: keeping our

networks safe.

For more information, visit our Facebook Group or follow us on @ISACA_UW