Cybercrime - A Financial Markets Perspective

Published by Elton Sequeira on Tuesday, 19th April 2016 - 9:25AM in Articles


 - By Colin Andrade

As our society increasingly gets measured in bits and bytes, the opportunity to take advantage of this new world order grows alongside. Technological innovation continues to expand at unfathomable rates thanks to the exponential growth of processing power in accordance with Moore’s Law. This advancement provides humans access to data, information, and worldly knowledge in a way our ancestors could not possibly imagine.

Thanks to the profound importance technological advancement has played in our society, the corporate world has come to be dominated by two types of companies. The first are enterprises that work directly in the technology space and are responsible for developing the hardware, software, and applications used so widely today. The second type consists of enterprises outside of the traditional tech sector (e.g. manufacturing, banking, etc.) that attempt to use technology to gain a competitive advantage over rivals. In both cases, the total reliance on digital networks and computer systems to run our society has become the norm.

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