Daniel Kapellmann

Published by Elton Sequeira on Friday, 25th March 2016 - 6:11PM in UW - ISG Members


Daniel Kapellmann is the Chief Editor of the ISACA Student Group. He is holds a Bachelors Degree in International Affairs from ITAM University in Mexico City and is an Information Management graduate student at the University of Washington specializing in Information Security (Fulbright and Conacyt scholarships). He also works as a consultant for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and as a blogger for the Future Challenges international network. His journalist articles have been published in several different international media channels. @Kapellmann

“As the inaugural Chief Editor of the ISG – UW, I will make sure that students get the opportunity to access valuable information generated by ISACA members and invited key opinion leaders. It is necessary to adopt robust communication strategies in order to increase awareness and, hopefully, inspire more iSchool peers to engage on addressing the continuous challenges posed in the field of Information Security”

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